Why You Should buy from Stephanie Morris Chevrolet


  • Stephanie Morris Chevrolet, YOUR DEALER: For a truly refreshing car-shopping or servicing experience that will change your opinion about car dealers, head to Stephanie Morris Chevrolet. Quite simply, we're a woman-owned and operated Chevrolet dealership, that you can rely on for dependable Chevrolet sales, maintenance, financing, and much more. Our customers turn to us for the respectful treatment they receive and the fact that we're the dealer with No DocFees. As a result, we developed relationships with community members that will last a lifetime, proving that there's no better way to buy a car than at Stephanie Morris Chevrolet.


  • The Stephanie Morris Experience: Don’t happen to see the new or used vehicle you want? Our sales managers will work with you to find the exact vehicle you're searching for, ensuring that your experience with us is one you'll always cherish.


  • Never Buy the Wrong CarIf you bought a new or used vehicle that you're not thrilled with, simply return it to us within 5 days and with fewer than 300 miles on the odometer. We will happily exchange the "wrong" car for the right one! Contact Stephanie Morris Chevrolet for more information about this "no questions asked" exchange policy.


  • Sell Your Car in Okmulgee: We'll buy from you even if you don’t buy from us. You'll be able to choose between two appraisal offers -- from Stephanie Morris Chevrolet or a third-party car appraiser -- and select the one you like most.


  • Choose the way you want to Buy a Car: Whether you want to finance a new Chevrolet online or compare pre-owned models, we make it easy to buy a car the way you want at Stephanie Morris Chevrolet.


  • No Documentation Fee: Ever wonder what that "Doc Fee" is and where does that money go? Wonder no more at Stephanie Morris Chevrolet, the "Home of NO-DOC fee!"


  • Passion for the Community: We believe in our community and will continually give our time and resources for the betterment of our neighbors. Whether it is helping feed the elderly, sponsoring a charity event, or simply "man-hours" to assist a charitable campaign, we steadfastly stand behind our community.


  • Exceptional talent: We hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our team members are bright, talented, and passionate. We invest heavily in their training and career development so that they can be the best at what they do


  • Complimentary Loaner vehicles: When your vehicle is in for overnight service we will provide a loaner vehicle. (Based on availability)